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About the Owner

John has held a passion for animals for as long as he can remember, and began working with them at a very young age. At twelve, he began volunteering at a local wildlife rehabiliation centre in Ontario where he helped care for a wide array of animals: bears, racoons, and a lioness to name a few, but he held a particular fondness for the resident coyotes and wolves.


In 2010 he attained his Obedience Trainer Certificate, Master Trainer Certificate, and Kennel Management Certificate at the Canada West Canine Center in Salmon Arm, BC. He went on to complete an extensive apprenticeship under the wing of Canada's only representative at Crufts World Obedience Championship, Monique Anstee. With Monique he developed his true training style, learning how to thoroughly read each dog by understanding the fundamentals and psychology behind behaviour modification and aggression reform. John believes in training with the most positive methods possible, emphasizing the importance of relationship and always aiming for control, not suppression.




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